PVD4 is a physical vapor deposition system, dedicated to the Evaporation or Sputtering deposition process of materials. Its evolutionary design is particularly adapted to laboratory requirements in terms of everyday applications, as its simplicity to use and its competitive price.

Turbo pump

Dry Scroll
pump nXDS10i

WRG Wide
Range Gauge
(Pirani + Penning)
from Patm to
10-9 mbar

APG100 Active
Pirani gauge
from Patm to
10-3 mbar

Core System features

  • Stainless steel – 400 mm diameter cylindrical
  • Fast Entry Frontal Door with viewport
  • Sample holder for substrates up to 6” in diameter
  • Water cooling to avoid excess heating
  • Compatible with Load Lock integration
  • Compatible with clean room integration


Thickness Homogeneity
(@ working distance of approx. 100 mm)
Thickness Reading Precision  0.1 A
Deposition Rate Reading Precision 0.01 A
Vacuum Base Pressure 10-7 mbar or 10-8 mbar
Pumping-down Time (10-6 mbar) < 20 mins
Turbo pump From 300 l/s to 900 l/s vs N2

Deposition Techniques


  • Evaporation by joule effect and/or electron beam
  • Up to 4 joule sources (boats, rods, baskets, filament,
  • Multi-pocket E-beam source
  • Cross contamination shields included


  • 2” or 3” magnetron cathodes
  • Integrated pneumatic shutters
  • RF, DC or DC pulsed source power supplies
  • Up to 4×2″ or 3 x 3″ cathodes in sputter up configuration
  • Mass flow controller for gas line
  • Pressure regulation by throttle valve or motorized
    regulation valve


  • Combined Sputtering & Evaporation processes
  • Up to 4 evaporation sources & 2 x 2’’ sputtering

Easy to Use Software

The R&D orientated system can be supplied with an easy-to-use automation
software for full control of any deposition process.
Process supervision software with:

  • Rate deposition
  • Thickness control
  • Pressure display
  • Temperature control
  • Valve/Shutter management

Fully & Semi Automatic modes

User mode Access Levels

Recipe modes for Thickness Rate & Deposition Time

Safety management through a PLC:

  • Interlock management for power supplies
  • Automatic switching of the machine in safe mode
  • Pressure, actuators and valves management
  • First level securities management including Operator protection

Hardware :
Integrated PC with windows 10 connected to a PLC

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