CF Vacuum Fittings

CF Vacuum Fittings on this site comply with the ISO 3669 standard and CF Vacuum Fittings up to NW200 are compatible with ConFlat flanges and CF flanges from other leading manufacturers.

While there is no general standard for CF flanges NW250 and over, essentially two “standards” have come into use, one Anglo-American and one European, both of which are available in our product line. Other standards are also used by some other manufacturers and in use at some research centres.

Due to UHV bakeability requirements, sealing of the CF flanges is provided by use of Oxygen-free copper (OFHC) flat gasket rings which usually can only be used once due to deformation. The tightening pressure is exerted by through-bore screws that have to be tightened uniformly and crosswise to avoid excessive strain.

  • Material: 304L stainless steel as standard, 316L and other materials can be supplied upon request
  • Bakeable to 450°C
  • Vacuum rating 1×10-11mbar
  • Wide ranges of elbows, crosses, tees and adaptors are available
  • Tubulated flanges are available for welding to stainless steel tube

CF Adaptors

CF Adaptors are used to change from one size of tube or flange to another size.

CF Connectors

CF Connectors are used to extend ports and pipework to a required length.

CF Crosses

CF Crosses are used to bring in two branch lines of the same size into a main line.

CF Elbows

CF Elbows are used to change the direction of the pipework as required.

CF Flanges

CF Flanges are used for welding onto tubes to produce ports or to cap off the open ports where not required. 

CF Gaskets

CF Gaskets are used to connect two flanges together and create a vacuum seal with the use of bolts.

CF Hoses

CF Hoses are used to connect parts together when a solid strait connector is not possible or flexibility is required.

CF Tees

CF Tees are used to bring in a branch line of the same size into a main line.

CF Tubulations

CF Tubulations are used to weld into other fabricated parts to produce ports for instruments and feedthrough attachments.

CF Viewports

CF Viewports are used to view the interior of the vacuum chamber to view the process and/or manipulation

CF Nuts, Bolts & Washers

CF Nuts, Bolts & Washers are manufactured to the ISO standard and are compatible with other suppliers’ products