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 UltraHighVacuum.com is able to offer custom fabrications such as copper to stainless steel. The copper and stainless steel are vacuum brazed to create the junction. All parts are Helium leak test to ensure they are vacuum tight.

UltraHighVacuum.com is proficient in the manufacture of Vacuum Fabrications direct from your drawings, sketches or verbal instructions. Our comprehensive manufacturing facilities enable us to custom build Vacuum fabrications promptly and cost-effectively, whilst ensuring the highest quality.

Our Technical Support is available to you, along with our experienced drawing office. We can produce engineering drawings of your proposed custom product based on your requirements and specification. We can also work from your supplied drawings.

We are able to supply one-off specials ranging from a standard part with an additional port configuration to multi-port chambers up to 750mm diameter. We can manufacture single items on request or supply specials on a regular basis for your vacuum applications.

All chambers and custom fabrications are 100% inspected to ensure they are correct to the drawing.

The process is continued with cleaning through our ultra-sonic cleaning plant or with a hot water wash process and air baked as standard to ensure it is completely dry.

The final step is to helium leak test under vacuum to ensure the Chamber or Special fabrication is Leak tight.

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We hold a wide range of high quality CF Vacuum Fittings in stock in order to provide rapid delivery. Our specialist team can also design and manufacture custom CF Vacuum Fittings should you need non standard fittings. Please call us to discuss your requirements.

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