Product Range

CF Vacuum Fittings

CF (conflat) flanges and fittings are manufactured from high quality stainless steel.

ISO & KF Fittings

The ISO & KF ranges of flanges and fittings are manufactured from high-quality stainless steel.

Vacuum Flanges

CF Flanges are used for welding onto tube to produce ports and connectors for manufacturing fabrications.

Vacuum Chambers

We offer Vacuum chambers and custom assemblies, manufactured to customer drawings and specifications.

Vacuum Viewports

Our Glass Viewports can be purchased in a variety of different formats. They’re manufactured using optical quality ‘Corning 7056’ glass and cleaned to UHV-standards.

CF Vacuum Valves

We are pleased to offer a range of vacuum valvesThey are a result of a long and careful selection program designed to ensure high levels of quality, reliability and value.

Vacuum Feedthroughs

We can supply a wide range of high quality Vacuum Feedthroughs. We can also repair electrical feedthroughs to your specification, for a cost effective way to get your equipment back into service.

Bellows & Flexible Hoses

We stock Hoses and Bellows in KF, ISO and CF Flange specification, as well as custom lengths for a bespoke service.

Motion & Manipulation

We are pleased to offer a range CF Motion & Manipulation products

Sample Transfer

We are pleased to offer a range of sample transfer products including sample rods, wobble sticks and port aligners.

Vacuum Pumps is proud to be the distributor of ANEST IWATA, high quality oil-free scroll vacuum pumps.

UHV Systems

Thin Film Deposition and UHV Controlled Environment Systems