About Us

At UltraHighVacuum.com, we supply, manufacture and stock an extensive range of products and solutions for the high and ultra-high vacuum sector.

Fittings and flanges across the KF, ISO and CF ranges are available on an express delivery service.

UltraHighVacuum.com was created to provide the highest quality Ultra-High Vacuum and High Vacuum chambers and fittings on time and cost effectively. We are achieving this by providing our highly specialised production team with precision engineering equipment while maintaining a wide range of components in stock for rapid delivery.  We can take an idea and produce an engineering drawing for you. Alternatively, we can produce drawings from your sketches or use your own drawings. Our very experienced team can then turn your drawings into the highest quality chambers and components, delivered cost effectively and on time.

We created the UltraHighVacuum.com e-commerce site in order to increase our methods of providing high quality products available quickly and easily to our customers. Of course, we are always very happy to speak to our customers on the ‘phone or during a visit to our factory. Our UltraHighVacuum.com site is intended to extend the ways in which we can serve our customers, not replace the existing ones. 

We are enthusiasts and we would love to share our experience in manufacturing Ultra-High Vacuum and High Vacuum products with you. Our Technical Support is available to you, along with our experienced drawing office, so please don’t hesitate to call us.

All our chambers and custom fabrications are 100% inspected to ensure that they are correct to drawing. The process is continued with cleaning through our ultra-sonic cleaning plant or with a hot water wash process.  The clean chamber is then oven dried to ensure it is completely dry.

The final step is to helium leak test the finished Chamber or Special Fabrication under vacuum to ensure that it is Leak tight.

 While developing expertise in manufacturing Ultra-High Vacuum and High Vacuum Chambers, we have started to use this expertise to repair Ultra-High and High Vacuum products for our customers. So if you are in need of service or repairs, please don’t hesitate to give us a call!


Our Guarantee

Guaranteed excellent customer care throughout. Our products are manufactured to the highest quality and performance.

We will repair or replace any of our manufactured products that have become faulty within 12 months of delivery.


We aim to ship your items the same day or the following day, depending on the time of day at which the order is received and the availability of stock.

We aim to get any custom chamber or fabrication with you within 8 weeks or as quoted.


Please contact us immediately if you have any issues with the products we have supplied. Please click on the link below to view our terms of trading.


Our comprehensive manufacturing facilities enable our specialist team to custom build high quality Vacuum fabrications promptly and cost-effectively.

Why Choose Us

As a manufacturing facility, we are able to produce vacuum fittings and vacuum components to your specification under the control of our own in-house workshop.
This enables us to produce a high-quality product within a short lead time.

We have a large stock of standard components to KF, ISO and CF standards available for same day dispatch. We also have the facility to
modify standard vacuum components to customer requirements.

CF vacuum Fittings

Take a look at our extensive range of ultra high vacuum components

We stock an extensive range of CF Vacuum fittings so that we can supply high quality products quickly and cost effectively. Our specialist team can also manufacture a solution for your needs if you need a custom fitting.

ISO Vacuum Fittings