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Take a look at different UHV Systems from Vinci Technologies

IJL, France – Daum Lab by Vinci

The technical platform consists in 28 ultra-high vacuum systems, interconnected by the 70-meter long Vinci Technologies ultra-high vacuum transfer tunnel (Mecatrans), including a 30-meter section dedicated to technology transfer. It combines multi-material growth techniques with multi-dimensional analysis techniques for thin films.

The research topics currently developed on the platform cover the following areas:

  • Materials for spintronic: ferromagnetic, magnetic oxides, strong spin orbit coupling, topological effect, etc.
  • Nanomaterials for optoelectronics, photovoltaics, etc.
  • 2D materials: molecular, ultra-thin oxides, etc.
  • Complex alloys and quasi crystals
  • Functional materials: ternary oxides, Heusler alloys, etc.

Check out the following videos:

Virtual platform


Equipment for developing thin layers:

  • 1 reactive Evaporation chamber : from Vinci Technologies
  • 6 Sputtering: 4 from Vinci Technologies
  • 6 Molecular Beam Epitaxy MBE: 3 from Vinci Technologies
  • 1 Atomic Layer Deposition ALD: Intro Chamber by Vinci Technologies
  • 1 Pulsed Laser Deposition PLD: from Vinci Technologies
  • 1 Rapid Thermal Annealing RTA chamber: from Vinci Technologies

At each stage of their growth, these hybrid materials can be studied and characterized, while staying under ultra-high vacuum, by using different surface analysis techniques:

Equipment for surface analysis

  • Chemical: Spectroscopies (XPS, Auger, ARPES)
  • Physical: Magneto-optical Kerr effect; Spectroscopies; Photo- and Cathode-luminescence
  • Structural: Electron diffraction (RHEED, LEED); Microscopies (STM, AFM, SEM)

NYU, USA – CQP Lab by Vinci


  • UHV Transport system: Vinci Technologies Linear Transfer Tunnel (Mecatrans) version for samples of 2’’
  • Zone-1/ Fast Entry load lock with chariot for up to 12 samples/substrates
  • Zone-2/ PVD top view, Vinci Technologies growth system for metal contacts lower view
  • Zone-3/ Vinci Technologies MBE-2D epitaxial gowth system top view, Vinci Technologies Preparation system for rapid thermal annealing lower view
  • Zone-4/ Vinci Technologies Pulsed Laser Deposition epitaxial gowth system top view, Scienta Omicron ARPES analysis system lower view

Weizmann Inst. of Science, Israel – Condensed Matter Physics Lab

Equipment for developing 2D materials:

  • 14m UHV Transport system: Vinci Technologies Linear Transfer Tunnel (Mecatrans) version for samples of 3’’
  • 1 Glove Box MBRAUN
  • 2 Sputtering: 1 from Vinci Technologies
  • Plasmatherm ICP: coupled via Vinci Technologies buffer chambers
  • UHV Thermal & Ebeam Evaporation from Vinci Technologies
  • Atomic Layer Deposition ALD
  • 1 redistribution chamber from Vinci Technologies

Naval Lab, USA – Cluster System

Equipment for developing 2D materials:

  • Central Distribution Chamber with motorized automated transfer of 3 or 4’’ samples : Vinci Technologies CDC
  • UHV 8 Cathode Sputtering system: from Vinci Technologies
  • Specs Gmbh XPS
  • UHV Molecular Beam Epitaxy MBE-2D from Vinci Technologies
  • Future extension to STM

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