ISO & KF Fittings

The ISO ranges of flanges and fittings are manufactured from high quality stainless steel.

There are various types of ISO flanges:

  1. ISO-K (clamp) flanges with a grooved ring for inserting wall clamps and double claw clamps are smaller and less expensive.
  2. ISO-F (fixed) flanges with a set of through-bore holes are pressed together with standard bolts. They are more stable than ISO-K flanges which enable them to mechanically support parts of the vacuum chamber.
  3. ISO bolt rings are used to make an ISO-K flange and ISO-F flange.
  • Material: 304L Stainless steel
  • Bakeable to 200’C (150’C continuous)
  • Vacuum rating 1×10-8mbar
  • Wide ranges of Elbows, Crosses & Tees are available
  • Bored Flanges Are Available For Welding To Stainless Steel Tube

The KF ranges of flanges and fittings are manufactured from high quality stainless steel. KF flanges utilize an aluminium clamp with a single wingnut fastener allowing frequent disassembly without tools.

The vacuum seal is effected by uniform applications of pressure by the clamp on the 15° surface of the flange. The mating flange surfaces compress an ‘O’-ring (held in place by a metal ring) to produce a seal that can used in vacuum applications down to 10-8 mbar and baked to 200°C (sustained to 150°C)

Advanced sealing material such as aluminium or copper may be used, when the joints have to be operated or baked at elevated temperatures or if high corrosion resistance and/or electrical insulation are required.

Our vacuum components are bead-blasted inside and outside, unless otherwise stated. The sealing faces are polished mechanically.

All components are subjected to a leak testing protocol.

ISO & KF Adaptors

ISO & KF Adaptors are used to change from one size of tube or flange to another size enabling the fitting together of mismatched components.

ISO & KF Clamps

ISO & KF Clamps are used to clamp two flanges to a Centering ring and an O Ring creating a vacuum seal.

ISO & KF Crosses

ISO & KF Crosses are used to bring in two branch lines of the same size into a main line.

ISO & KF Elbows

ISO & KF Elbows are used to change the direction of the pipework as required.

ISO & KF Flanges

ISO & KF Flanges are used for welding onto tubes to produce ports or to cap off the open ports where not required. 

ISO & KF Hoses

ISO & KF Hoses are used to connect parts together when a solid strait connector is not possible or flexibility is required.

ISO & KF O Rings

ISO & KF O Rings are used to connect two flanges together and create a vacuum seal with the use of a clamp.

ISO & KF Tees

ISO & KF Tees are used to bring in a branch line of the same size into a main line.

ISO & KF Tubulations

ISO & KF Tubulations are used to weld into other fabricated parts to produce ports for instruments and feedthrough attachments.

ISO & KF Viewports

ISO & KF Viewports are used to view the interior of the vacuum chamber and view the process and/or manipulation