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VINCI TECHNOLOGY has been designing smart, state of the art solutions for Ultra High Vacuum applications for over 35 years. The UHV distribution chamber incorporates a rotary, telescopic transfer arm capable of feeding samples from one chamber to another. It is compact, cost effective and can be coupled to the reputable Vinci Linear Transfer Tunnel. Bare 3” wafers can be thus loaded in the linear tunnel and distributed to any growth or analysis system within the user facility. Vinci offers a turnkey solution to Institutes who wish to develop novel materials for the future with a budget smart and space optimized integration.

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Rotary & Telescopic Extension

Model Information
Mounting Flange CF 100
Rotation motion Unlimited manual and
+/- 180° motorised
Chamber ID 650mm
Chamber height 288mm
Volume of chamber 65L
Arm extension 760mm
Arm stiffness at full extension Typically <1mm deflection for 10N load
Rotational reproducibility 0.2mm at full extension
Bakeout temperature 250°C (with motors removed)
Base pressure 5 E 10-10 mbar
Compatibility Mecatrans