CF Bored Flange Rotatable

152mm OD 104mm ID – 316LN Rotatable Bored CF Flange

CF Bored Flanges Rotatable 316LN are used for welding onto tube to produce ports and connectors when mating with fabrications with the bolt holes in different alignments.

Manufactured from: 316LN Stainless Steel. They are supplied in a plastic bag with a protective plastic cap.

CF Bored Flanges Rotatable 316LN are manufactured to the CF Standard and are compatible with other supplier’s product

  • Material: Stainless Steel, 316LN
  • Bakeable to 450°C
  • Vacuum rating 1×10-11 mbar
  • Wide range of elbows, crosses, tees and adaptors are available
  • Tubulated flanges are available for welding to stainless steel tube

* European standard, to be used with copper gasket OD 272.7 mm


cf bored flanges rotatable

  • CF: 100
  • A: 151.6
  • B: 21.4
  • C: 8.4
  • D: 104.3
  • E: 140.9