CF Bored Flanges Fixed

203mm OD 154mm – 316LN Bored CF Flange

CF Bored Flanges Fixed 316LN are used for welding onto tube to produce ports and connectors when manufacturing fabrications.

Manufactured from: 316LN Stainless Steel. They are supplied in a plastic bag with a protective plastic cap.

CF Bored Flanges Fixed 316LN are manufactured to the CF Standard and are compatible with other supplier’s product.

  • Material: Stainless Steel, grade 316LN
  • Bakeable to 450°C
  • Vacuum rating 1×10-11 mbar
  • Wide range of elbows, crosses, tees and adaptors are available
  • Tubulated flanges are available for welding to stainless steel tube


* European standard, to be used with copper gasket OD 272.7 mm