PLD 400

UHV Pulsed Laser Deposition System

Synthesis of complex materials & crystalline structures is a constantly growing request from  research. Pulsed Laser Deposition (PLD) is one answer. It is a versatile coating technique that allows the growth of various materials such as nitrides, oxides, superlattices, polymers and  composites etc.

Using years of comprehensive experience and know how in R&D deposition systems and ultra high vacuum technology, Vinci Technologies has designed a Laser deposition system, which is easy to operate and designed for academic & industrial researchers alike.

Supervision software is available in assisted manual mode or full recipe mode. Protocols allow the user to control valves, pumping, throttle valve PID control with pressure, gas injection for high and low pressure conditions, temperature control with ramp up/down, oxygen cooling for post growth, full motorised target selection and full laser control. The multitude of functions and predefined recipe library allow the user to perform tasks from pre-ablation of targets to superlattice structure growth by running user defined programs.

The deposition stage accommodates of substrates up to 1-inches. It has a high temperature oxygen resistant heater in order to enhance crystalline structure for simple elementary coatings and complex ceramic compounds. The deposition stage can be supplied with a motorized rotation for improving uniformity of the films.

The target manipulator accommodates up to EIGHT 1-inch diameter targets and is mounted on a side flange. The selection of the target is determined using the software. Each of the individual targets rotates about its own axis, providing a uniform erosion of the target when using with a laser scanning system.

Option to add analysis systems can be added, like : calorimeter, RHEED, pyrometry, ellipsometry, OES…

Combinatorial deposition capability.

Efficient turbo-pumping group from UHV to high partial pressure of reactive gas.

Upstream/downstream pressure control with feedback loop on capacitive pressure gauge.

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