PECVD Series


Small Scale Production

This system is used to deposit layers under high vacuum conditions on samples that are RF biased . It is a low temperature technique when compared to typical CVD process, which is a major advantage.

Core System Features

  • Base Pressure 1. 10 -6 mbar
  • Samples up to 300 mm
  • Inferior plate of 500 mm diameter with RF bias
  • Various Process gases (TMS, Hexane, CF4, O 2, Ar)
  • Pumping group (Suitable for corrosive gases)
  • Automated Control

Powerful Software

  • Fully & Semi Automatic modes
  • User mode Access Levels

Recipe modes for

  • Thickness Rate & Deposition Time
  • Pre-programmed recipe library


Integrated PC with Microsoft Windows

Process Acquisition software with:

  • Rate deposition
  • Thickness control
  • Pressure Display
  • Temperature Control
  • Valve/Shutter management


  • DLC
  • Doped/Undoped AmorphousSi
  • Dielectrics (Nitrides, Oxynitrides..)


  • Barrier Films
  • Insulators
  • Optical coatings
  • Biomedical

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