MBE (2D)

VINCI TECHNOLOGY designs smart, state of the art solutions for Ultra High Vacuum applications. Regrouping growth and surface analysis applications under a clean controlled environment to help researchers focus on development of novel materials and devices.

Core System Features

  • Base Pressure 5 E 10-11 mbar
  • LN2 cryo shrouds
  • 2” molybloc sample puck or 3’’ bare wafer
  • Up to 6 Knudsen cells (35 cc)
  • Up to 3 cracker cells
  • 6 x 7 cc (or 4 x 15) linear E-beam
  • Pumping groups: TSP Ion Pump, Cryo or Turbomolecular Pumping
  • Heating &/or cooling sample stages
  • Growth feedback via flux gauge, quartz monitors
  • Integrated RHEED or RHEED AUGERS
  • Couples with Transfer tunnel, Load locks & Preparation chambers

Preparation & Storage Chambers

Couples with

  • Storage – Base Pressure 2. 10-10 mbar
  • Atm Load Lock – Base Pressure 5. 10-8 mbar
  • Annealing chambers
  • Out-gasing chambers
  • Multiple cassette storge
  • Link with MECATRANS transfer tunnel or Cluster chamber
  • Optimized to fit customer lab space

Full Control User Interface

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