XY Stage, Large Barrel Micrometers

XY Stage, Large Barrel Micrometers 10μm Resolution, CF70 Flanges

The 2D translation stage is robust, allows installation in any orientation, is ultra-high vacuum compatible, and provides precise motion. The two-dimensional translation stage includes two parallel flanges, one end is fixed and the other end provides movement. The positioning is performed by adjusting the position of the moving flange relative to the fixed mounting flange, and the movement of the moving flange is controlled by a differential head. Welded bellows allow the flange to accommodate the required movement while ensuring an all-metal sealed vacuum.

● Working Pressure: 10-11 mbar~1 bar
● Manual Actuator
● Bakeable to 150℃
● Welded Bellows Seal with SS 316
● Micrometer with 10μm Resolution
● Mounting flange on both sides: CF35, tapped hole