KF Bored Flanges

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KF25 28mm Bored Flange

KF Flanges (Klien) are the standard din 28430 & ISO 2861 connections for vacuum fittings up to DN50 used in low & high vacuum. Along with the ancillary components they offer a simple solution for applications requiring easy and repeated assembly.

Sealing is accomplished with a centering with a nitrile or viton o’ring squashed between a pair of KF Flanges and pulled together using a circumferental clamp.

KF Bored Flanges points:

  • Material: 304L stainless steel
  • Bakeable to 150° C
  • Vacuum Rating: 1×10-8 mbar
  • Wide range of elbows, crosses & tees are available
  • Tubulated Flanges are available for welding to stainless steel tube

KF Bored flanges are used for welding onto tube to produce ports and connectors when manufacturing fabrications.

Manufactured from: 304 Stainless Steel. KF Bored flanges are supplied in a sealed plastic bag with a protective plastic cap.

KF Bored flanges are manufactured to the ISO Standard and are compatible with other supplier’s product.