Hollow Shaft Magnetic Coupled Rotary Feedthrough, CF70 Flange

Hollow Shaft Magnetic Coupled Rotary Feedthrough (Manual) 360 Degree Rotation, CF70 Flange

The hollow magnetic coupling rotary drive has a rotatable inner hollow shaft with a CF flange structure at both ends that allows electrical, fluid or other motion to pass through the drive.
This rotary drive product can withstand loads of a certain weight.

● Magnetic Coupling
● UHV Rated to 10-11 mbar
● Bakeable to 150℃
● Rotation range: 360° continuous
● Laser Etched Scale in 1° Increments
● UHV Compatible materials
● No backlash under low load
● Top mounting flange: CF flange, tapped hole
● Bottom mounting flange: CF flange, clear hole


This Product: HSR35M