Dual-axis Wobble Stick, 250mm Linear Travel

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Dual-axis Wobble Stick, 250mm Linear Travel, +/-20 Degree Tilt, CF70 Flange

The dual-axis ultra-high vacuum manipulator combines welded bellows seals and magnetic coupling technology to meet the overall linear and rotary motion and achieve tilt angles up to 20° . At the same time, the control handle pushes the inner shaft forward and backward, which can be used with the jaw grabbing head to grasp the sample.

Equipped with NdFeB magnets, it has high torque and large axial thrust.
In addition, it is specially equipped with a support frame for easy support and fixation when idle.

Itinerary can be customized according to customer requirements.

*This product is a newly developed product of Fermi Vacuum. Due to technological progress, we reserve the right to modify the data. Those who are interested can learn about product information and more discounts in advance by emailing [email protected]