Compact Differentially Pumped Rotary Feedthrough (Manual), CF152 Flange

Compact Differentially Pumped Rotary Feedthrough (Manual) 360 Degree Rotation, CF152 Flange

The compact differential rotary drive adopts side sealing, which is more compact, and can still meet the requirements of ultra-high vacuum applications, providing basic rotary motion for components, and realizing 360° continuous rotation, which is suitable for some occasions with limited size.

Differential rotational drives can be applied to sample surface analysis (XPS, AES or SIMS), ion/neutron/atom scattering experiments, etc.

● Manual/ Step Motor Actuator
● Cross Roller Bearings
● Bakeable to 150℃
● Rotation range: 360° continuous
● One stage Differential pumping for UHV Performance
● Mounting flange on both sides: CF flange, tapped hole


This Product: CDPRF100M