CF Zero Length Viewports

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CF100 Zero Length Viewport

CF Zero length Viewports are used to view the interior of the vacuum chamber and view the process and/or manipulation

Manufactured from: 304L stainless steel. Helium Leak tested to 10-10 mbar. They are supplied in a sealed plastic bag with protective plastic caps.

The CF Zero-length Viewport manufactured to the CF Standard and are compatible with other supplier’s product.

  • Material: Kodial
  • Bakeable up to 200°C at not greater than 2-3 °C per minute
  • To be used with annealed copper gaskets
  • Vacuum rating 1×10-11 mbar


cf zero length viewports

  • CF: 100
  • A: 152
  • B: 89
  • C: 19.9
  • D: 4

  • Viewport material Corning 7056 glass Kodial®
  • Standard Flange material is 304L stainless steel, (316L on request)
  • Spinning material is Kovar
  • Maximum Temperature 400°C
  • 3°C/Minute Maximum Heating Rate
  • 1.487 Refraction Index
  • Cleaned to UHV standards