Bellow Sealed Rotary Feedthrough (Manual), CF70 Flange

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Bellow Sealed Rotary Feedthrough (Manual) 360 Degree Continuous, CF70 Flange

The bellows rotary drive adopts welded stainless steel bellows seal, and uses a unique off-axis swing design, combined with the characteristics of the bearing support of the rotating shaft, so that it operates smoothly and has a long service life. Through the CF flange, it can be connected with other equipment.
Optional stepper motor drive, in which the motor control part needs to be purchased separately.
The bellows rotary drive has high precision and is suitable for high precision applications such as sample holders.

● Welded stainless steel bellows Sealed

● UHV Rated to 10-11 mbar

● Bakeable to 150℃

● Laser Etched Scale in 1° Increments

● Rotation range: 360° continuous

● Mounting flange: Clear hole


This Product: BR35M