Angle-Adjustable Magnetic Rotary Feedthrough (pneumatic)

0°-180° adjustable angle rotation, CF16 Flange, 1/4″ Shaft

Magnetically coupled rotary feedthroughs offer a fail-safe method, over the more traditional bellows or fluidic seals, to enable rotation in a vacuum system. Additionally, some applications can benefit from discrete angle rotation between two fixed points such as shutters protecting sputter sources from cross-contamination in a deposition system. The new range of angle-adjustable magnetic rotary feedthroughs are available with either manual or pneumatic actuation and allow the user to adjust the angle of rotation from 0° to 180°.


  • Fail-safe magnetic coupling
  • UHV rated to 10-11 mbar
  • No backlash under load
  • Laser etched scale in 5° increments
  • Pneumatic actuation
  • Adjustable angle range 0°-180°