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UHV Linear Transfer Tunnel

The ability to grow, control, manipulate and design materials from the atomic/nano-level via microstructure to macrostructure levels is a major driver both for fundamental research and applied technology in the Thin Films. The MECATRANS allows for the combination of deposition, analysis and post deposition treatment techniques, all connected under Ultra High Vacuum (UHV).

Various materials require different deposition processes in order to create multi-material devices. Therefore, as-deposited samples are easily transportable under a controlled environment with a base pressure of 1.10-10 Torr, which protects them from oxidation and other structural or chemical changes related to atmospheric exposure.

By combining several growth, deposition and analysis techniques, the MECATRANS permits the exploration of a large range of more complex and hybrid systems for materials control at the atomic scale.

The MECATRANS is a stainless steel tunnel with an internal monorail upon which substrate train is moveable.

The samples are transported through the UHV tube on this monorail train. By means of transfer rods, the samples can be exchanged between the train and the connected chambers. The MECATRANS accommodates for a 12 two-inch sample holder on the internal monorail .

To avoid any contamination between chambers and/or vibration conduction each UHV chamber is isolated by a UHV valve and features specific components.

Substrate Holder Train

– Up to 12 substrates

The train can transport up to 12 two-inch substrate holder Molybloc type. Other type of train can be designed for specific substrate holder. It moves on a monorail with one external handle magnetically coupled with the train.
The substrate holders are transferred in the chambers with a mechanical transfer rod.

Load-Lock Chamber

The load lock chamber is installed on the extremity of the tunnel and isolated with a gate valve. It is equipped with its own pumping group and vacuum gauge. An external monorail allows to takeout the train for substrate holder manipulation.

Standard Tubes

– Up to 12 substrates

The tunnel is composed of an unlimited number of standard tubes (304 L) with 150 mm diameter and 1 meter length.

The tubes are manufactured with UHV state of the art technology and can withstand bakeout of up to 200°C.

More than 10 standard tubes are designed with ports for :
Transfer positions
Vacuum gauges
Pumping group
Connexion with other tubes

Tubes with special specifications can be manufactured upon request.

Pumping Group

-Ion & sublimation pumps

10-10 mbar can be achieved with the pumping group combination of an ion pump and a sublimation pump. This is then isolated from the tunnel by a gate valve.

An oven is recommended to regenerate the ion pump elements.

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